Communications work is a little like looking under the tree on Christmas morning.

Each package contains something different and unique.

This year, I’ve enjoyed working with valued clients across government, academia and the private sector to discover more about different topics including:

  • multiculturalism in Australia
  • criminal intelligence and investigations into serious and organised crime
  • public prosecutions
  • the humanities and social sciences
  • dementia research
  • coordinated investment and planning for successful cities
  • renewable energy
  • digital disruption and the public service
  • the ACT’s defence industry
  • vocational education and training and industry skills needs
  • the history and personal stories behind a Canberra landmark
  • screen content in Australia
  • various employment initiatives.

From reports and research to speeches and strategies, it has been an interesting and rewarding year. Thank you for your interest and support.

Warmest wishes for a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


Cinden Lester has more than 25 years’ experience as a professional writer, editor and communications specialist. She worked as a broadcast journalist, in private sector marketing and public relations, and in government communications before establishing her own Canberra-based communications consultancy in 2000.

Contact Cinden if you’d like help with your communications.

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