Project managing

Excellent organisational skills and networks for communications projects

Experience counts when it comes to managing communications projects.

Cinden provides expert project management services so you can get on with your other priorities.

She can help with:

  • Contacts—Designers, printers, multimedia developers, video production companies and other experts…Cinden works closely with her contacts to bring various projects together and keep them on track.
  • Briefings—With more than 25 years in the industry, Cinden understands how to ensure your goals are clearly articulated so that everyone on the team is well briefed and understands the required outcome. She also makes sure you are clear about the details and what is involved.
  • Coordination—Cinden is practiced at coordinating all the different aspects, ensuring you are getting value for each dollar and that nothing slips through the cracks. She anticipates and deals with any issues before they become problems.

You are kept in the loop, so you have peace of mind without having to become bogged down in the detail.

See examples of communications project management.

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