Communications planning

Targeted strategies to guide your activities

Your objectives, your stakeholders, your messages—do you need a consultant who works efficiently to understand your context and what you want to achieve?

Regardless of the scale of your project, a strategic approach will increase your success rate.

Cinden provides targeted communications planning to help you successfully engage your target audiences and stakeholders, both internal and external.

She has proven:

  • Wide ranging experience—Diverse topics include law enforcement and criminal intelligence, government regulations, education, social services, service delivery, clean energy and energy efficiency, staff communications and change management, botanic gardens, lighting design and regulations, elite sports including athlete career and education support, active after school care programs, tax incentives, regional funding programs, spatial mapping technologies, heritage programs, cultural exhibitions, arts and science initiatives, and information and communications technology issues.
  • Research skills—Desktop research, interviews, surveys, workshops…depending on your needs and budget, Cinden uses a range of techniques to get to the heart of the issues and understand your target audiences and how best to communicate with them.
  • Customised results—Just as each project is unique, each strategy Cinden develops is unique and customised to achieve results. You may simply need a hand to get things moving by focusing your thinking and crafting your messages. Sometimes a thorough checklist or simple action plan is best, while other projects require a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach.

Whatever the case, you can be confident that Cinden has the experience to help you research, develop, gain approval for, and implement your strategies so you can communicate effectively with the audiences who matter to your business.

See examples of communications planning projects.

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