Communications planning and project managing examples

Tailored planning to engage your stakeholders

For clear, strategic thinking and targeted communications planning that helps you achieve your goals, contact Cinden.

She has wide-ranging experience in planning and project managing communications activities including:

  • communications frameworks and strategies
  • issues management plans
  • communications audits
  • communications toolkits
  • editorial publication schedules
  • discussion papers
  • business and marketing plans
  • audio-visual content.

Here are just some examples of past work. Note, government department names were correct at the time.

Wide range of communications planning
  • Internal communications framework—Developing a framework for effective internal communications for the Clean Energy Regulator. This included describing the approach, benefits, objective, guiding principles, roles and responsibilities, and process (from planning through to evaluation).
  • Engagement strategy recommendations—Conducting staff discussion groups and reviewing background information to prepare a report and recommendations for the Clean Energy Regulator. The report informed an internal engagement strategy for Members of the Regulator.
  • Internal and external communications strategy—Researching and drafting an internal and external communications strategy for the Australian National Audit Office.
  • Discussion paper—Developing a paper examining Airservices Australia’s branding, brand awareness and communications activities.
  • Communications strategy and stakeholder engagement framework—Researching background information, interviewing internal stakeholders and developing a comprehensive overarching communications strategy, stakeholder and media engagement framework, and other topic-specific communications plans for the Clean Energy Regulator.
  • Targeted communications plan—Researching and developing a plan to support more effective and targeted promotion and communication of the Athlete Career and Education program to coaches. This included working with the Australian Sports Commission to survey coaches and holding workshop to discuss findings, suggested messages and tactics before finalising the strategy and supporting materials.
  • Internal communications/reform agenda—Developing a strategy to introduce a strategic program reform initiative to staff at the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs and begin to engage them in the process.
  • Change communications—Assisting with senior executive messaging and staff communication about service delivery reform and related organisational change as three large agencies merged into the Department of Human Services. This included writing messages from the Secretary and two CEOs, speaking notes, vodcast scripts and newsletter articles as well as SES briefing kits and communiqués from SES forums.
  • Marketing and stakeholder engagement strategy—Researching and developing a marketing and communications strategy to strengthen Lighting Council Australia’s stakeholder engagement and profile. This included conducting an online member survey.
  • Communications strategy—Researching and developing a communications strategy for the Commercial Building Disclosure program. Subsequently engaged to write articles for placement in specialist magazines, as identified in the strategy.
  • Marketing plan—Researching and developing a comprehensive plan to proactively market the Australian Government Information Office as the lead agency on government ICT policy. This included identifying channels, key messages, required materials and staff survey questions regarding professional use of social media.
  • Marketing strategy—Developing a marketing and communications strategy for an ACT government-owned business.
  • Issues management plans—Researching and developing an issues management/stakeholder consultation plan covering complex and sometimes sensitive issues related to heritage protection reforms. Also developing issues management plans for two government agencies so they were prepared to handle potential media and stakeholder interest in a redevelopment project and an asbestos-related issue.
  • Communications audit—Conducting a communications audit for a national medical professional association, including providing strategic advice and comprehensive media and public affairs services.
  • National media events—Project managing media and events for several months of the voyage of the authentic replica of the Dutch ‘jacht’ Duyfken. Sponsored by the Australian Government through the Department of the Environment and Heritage, the voyage commemorated the 400th anniversary of the first documented European contact with Australia.
  • Comprehensive communications plan—Researching and developing a comprehensive communications plan for the construction of the National Portrait Gallery (for the Department of Finance, which was managing the construction project).
  • Media strategy—Developing a media strategy and protocols for a high profile Australian Government agency to ensure a strategic approach to media liaison, both when reacting to media interest and when generating media coverage.
  • Article placement strategy—Researching, developing and implementing a national article placement strategy for stories about the Australian Government’s support for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.
  • Marketing program—Developing and updating annual marketing programs, and providing advice and assistance with marketing activities for PSMA Australia Limited, Australia’s leading source of spatial mapping data.
  • Product launch—Developing a launch strategy and helping to organise the event, including developing a media strategy and video to promote a new national database of Australian street addresses and associated geocodes.
  • Promotional CD presentation—Scripting and project-managing development of multimedia CD presentation promoting Australia as a prime investment location for the global information and communications technology industry. Produced to a tight deadline, the CD received positive client comments and was reprinted (Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts).
  • Editorial process—Editing several government journals/newsletters including developing story lists, commissioning articles, editing contributions, researching and writing articles, and managing design, printing and distribution.
  • Business plan—Helping to write a business plan for an ACT government-owned business.

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