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If you need to produce clear and meaningful written material that engages your audience, contact Cinden.

She  can help you produce top notch:

  • annual reports and other large publications
  • websites and blog posts
  • case studies and profiles
  • articles and newsletters
  • fact sheets and brochures
  • corporate materials
  • guidelines and toolkits
  • submissions and proposals
  • media packs
  • speeches and presentations
  • audio and video scripts
  • advertising copy.

Here are just some examples of past work. Note, government department names were correct at the time.

Annual reports

ACC ARs (2)

Even the suburban backyard is not immune to organised crime. The number of clandestine laboratories in Australia today is triple the amount detected at the start of the decade. And there is a growing trend to locate clan labs in residential areas. Drugs such as ice and MDMA are manufactured or ‘cooked’ in these improvised labs.

Case study, Australian Crime Commission (ACC) 2009–10 Annual Report



  • Annual report writing—Writing and editing the award-winning ACC annual reports since 2009–10, as a contractor to the ACC. The aim was to produce engaging reports that tell a strong story about the agency, its partnerships and its value to law enforcement, national security and the Australian community. This involved working closely with the ACC to quickly develop the report structures, identify the preferred approaches and themes and case study highlights. It included conducting background research, reviewing raw content, interviewing subject experts, suggesting diagrams and layout options, writing and editing content, and incorporating minimal client feedback. Note, from 1 July 2016 the ACC and CrimTrac merged to become the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.


Information materials



We understand that everyone’s needs, preferences and aspirations are different. That’s why we provide eligible people with a flexible, whole-of-life approach to the support needed to pursue their goals and aspirations and participate in daily life.

An introduction to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)


  • New scheme—Writing and editing the initial material introducing the NDIS. This included assisting with introductory brochures, topic-specific fact sheets, video scripts and web content. The aim was to produce user-friendly material that was easy to understand and clearly explained how the new scheme works.
  • Campaign materials—Researching and writing materials including a ministerial Op Ed and a conversation guide resource for a national campaign aimed at changing behaviours and attitudes.




It is easy to take the flick of a light switch for granted. However, those in the industry realise that a complex suite of requirements underpins the sale of lighting products in Australia.

Illuminate no 3, Lighting Council Australia newsletter



  • Newsletters—Writing and coordinating graphic design of Lighting Council Australia’s quarterly Illuminate newsletter. This involved reviewing background information and conducting interviews as needed to write the content in a broadly accessible way, as well as working with the design studio to identify images and plan layout.
  • Related work—Writing and coordinating design of point-of-sale materials, specialist journal articles, and media materials and news articles for the SPARC International Lighting Event 2011 and 2013.


Communications toolkits and other resources

Comms resources

When you work in a lean organisation, you can often feel time-poor and may consider that promoting your garden’s many values is too time consuming, daunting or expensive to add to your other responsibilities. This toolkit can make it easier for you by providing core resources that can reduce the preparation time and increase your confidence and skills in this area.

Communications toolkit for members, Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand Inc. (BGANZ)



  • Members’ toolkit—Researching and developing a communications toolkit for BGANZ members. The toolkit helps members with limited resources to effectively communicate about social, environmental and economic value of gardens. Work included desktop research, an online member survey and in-depth interviews. The toolkit contains a communications strategy framework, key messages, a professional PowerPoint presentation and talking points, fact sheets and core editorial.
  • Orientation program—Developing an orientation program for new employees and their mangers at the Clean Energy Regulator. This involved reviewing existing information, recommending appropriate format and structure, and writing required content.
  • Information pack—Reviewing a range of existing materials and producing a consolidated, professional core package of information about the Athlete Career and Education program at the Australian Institute of Sport.
  • Staff toolkit—Developing content for an internal communications toolkit for the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) to make it easier for staff to be responsive, effective and consistent in communicating about the department’s story, including its role and priorities.


Fact sheets

fact sheets
When the Australian flag flies and the anthem plays for our medal-winning athletes, we feel inspired and united as a nation. Those unforgettable moments are the result of years of hard work and team effort that propels our elite athletes to success on the world stage.

London bound 2012 fact sheet, Australian Sports Commission



  • Backgrounders—Developing a series of background fact sheets for the Australian Sports Commission, describing the range of Australian Government sports funding in the lead up to the London 2012 Olympics.
  • Fact sheets, brochures, plaques—Developing a series of information materials about places on the National Heritage List such as the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Bondi Beach, the Australian Alps, Bonegilla Migrant Camp and the Australian Academy of Science (the Shine Dome).
  • Fact sheets and articles—Researching and writing fact sheets and articles for regional newspapers about different aspects of the Australian Government’s support for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games. Topics included Australian Government support, the Queen’s Baton Relay, security, volunteer program, elite athletes with a disability, technical officials and the cultural program.


Stories and profiles


In the early morning Bronwyn and her son Billy are at the beach. Bronwyn is really enjoying the surf, calling ‘Woo-hoo’ as she catches waves while Billy sits on the sand clapping, ‘Good one Mummy, good one’. This is their short reprieve each day before heading back to hospital for Billy’s latest round of treatment.

‘A different path’, The Carers Storybook
Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA)


  • Personal stories—Interviewing and writing stories about families caring for children with severe disabilities or medical conditions for The Carers Storybook for FaHCSIA.
  • Leadership profiles—Interviewing senior executive staff at the Department of Human Services and writing a series of leadership profiles for the internal news hub.
  • Career snapshots—Interviewing Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers and writing a series of profiles to support AFP recruitment efforts.


Corporate material

corporate documents

Realising the full potential of digital technologies and communications services will underpin Australia’s future economic prosperity. To provide good public policy advice to the Government, our Department must establish and maintain a deep and authoritative understanding of market developments and innovations…

Corporate plan 2014–17, Department of Communications



  • Corporate plan and supporting business documents—Editing and rewriting sections of the Department of Communications’ Corporate Plan 2014–17.  Subsequently engaged to edit supporting corporate strategies and to edit and write sections of the department’s Portfolio Budget Statement 2014–15. Previously rewrote the 2011–13 corporate plan and wrote a short introductory brochure outlining the department’s role and responsibilities, to add creative flair and ensure they were succinct, engaging, easy to read and appealing to the intended audiences.
  • Strategic plan—Reviewing existing material and drafting a vision and mission statement and a concise, standalone strategic plan for the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission.
  • Flyers—Writing a short introductory flyer summarising the role and responsibilities of the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. Also writing a flyer summarising an Australian Public Service Commission report into record keeping and records management.
  • Brochures—Writing a series of brochures about different divisions in the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government. Researching and writing brochures about the AFP Leadership in Criminal Intelligence Program, its International Network, and the Culture and Language Centre. Researching and writing brochures and articles about changes to Australia’s maritime security legislation, targeted to specific audiences such as maritime workers, transport workers and boating enthusiasts. Writing and managing design of flyers and brochures for Maximus Solutions and Buteyko Health Solutions Breathing Centre.




When Grace Wilson and her staff finally set foot on the exposed rocky slopes of Lemnos, their equipment and supplies were delayed, the ‘hospital’ consisted of just a few tents and mattresses, there were no beds and only spirit lamps for cooking and sterilising.

Grace Wilson Estate, Brisbane, Defence Housing Australia (DHA) monograph



  • Profiles—Reviewing available information and writing several monographs about Australian war heroes to commemorate the naming of DHA housing developments, such as the Grace Wilson Estate in Brisbane. Client feedback was very positive and indicated that the monographs were well received.
  • Related work—Reviewing historical information and records, interviewing subject experts, and writing a history of DHA including personalised case studies reflecting the range of the agency’s work. Also assisted with some issues management and communications planning.


Website reviews and content development


In 2007 Australia introduced a single, national framework for corporations to report on greenhouse gas emissions, energy use and energy production. Corporations that meet a National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) threshold must register and then report each year.

Clean Energy Regulator website



  • Intranet content development—Reviewing background information, mapping the structure and writing the content for an online resource about managing change for the Fair Work Ombudsman.
  • Website development—Researching and reviewing background information, recommending the structure and writing the content for a national consulting company’s new website.
  • Web writing—Reviewing and revising or writing website content for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Clean Energy Regulator, Commercial Building Disclosure program, the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme, Australian Sports Commission’s Play for life campaign, Solar Cities, Centurion Home and Business Protection, and Australian Federal Police recruitment web pages.


Media materials

media materials

The crescent-shaped stretch of sand flanked by sandstone cliffs, the pavilion with its elegant arches, and the surf lifesavers’ distinctive red and yellow caps and flags are well-known images of Bondi Beach.

Bondi Beach, National Heritage List announcement fact sheet



  • Bondi beach heritage listing­­—Developing media release, background fact sheets and talking points for the announcement that Bondi Beach was being included in the National Heritage List.
  • SPARC International Lighting Event 2011 and 2013—Developing media announcements, and writing and placing articles in specialist journals and websites for these major lighting industry events.
  • Play for life—Developing media materials for the Australian Sports Commission’s Play for life campaign including media releases, speeches, scripts for vodcasts by high profile campaign  ambassadors.
  • Announcements—Drafting numerous government and non-government media releases, background information and event briefs for announcements relating to energy efficiency, arts, heritage, sports/active lifestyles, and information and communications technology.


Articles for government and private sector clients



Not many successful Canberra businesses get away with rewarding their staff with a pat on the head and a juicy bone. But when your team includes a canine (K9) unit, that sort of reward is greeted with enthusiasm.

Article about a security firm in B2B in Canberra magazine



articles 2

Most audiences enjoying the cinema today would be surprised to learn that the vibrant images they are watching on screen will fade and disintegrate with use and time. For many, the idea of film archiving conjures up thoughts of grainy black and white silent films. However, preserving our modern film culture is just as important.

Preserving Contemporary Film Culture, On The Wire Autumn 2005, National Film and Sound Archive



Producing various articles such as:

  • a feature article about Centurion Home and Business Security in B2B in Canberra magazine
  • articles for the Australian Federal Police journal Platypus
  • articles for the Australian Federal Police internal newsletter, AFPNews
  • articles and brochures about changes to Australia’s maritime security legislation, targeted to specific audiences including maritime workers, anglers, transport workers and boating enthusiasts
  • articles in the National Film and Sound Archive’s journal On the wire
  • articles for the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts’ journal, Artbeat.



Producing various scripts such as:

  • vodcast scripts for the Department of Human Services and the Australian Sports Commission
  • an information/marketing CD-ROM and a product launch DVD for PSMA Australia, a leading source of spatial mapping data (also managed video production)
  • a presentation video on the history of quarrying for the 50th anniversary of the Institute of Quarrying in Australia
  • an ‘e-Australia’ video and CD-ROM to promote Australia as a destination for ICT investment (also managed production)
  • launch videos for several arts initiatives (also managed production)
  • hundreds of radio and television news reports (also managed production).


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