Mark Elvin Consulting

Accomplished professional

Cinden Lester Communications affiliate, Mark Elvin Consulting, provides expert facilitation and trusted advice.

Mark Elvin APM is an experienced facilitator, specialist training program developer and investigator. A decorated police officer, Mark worked with the AFP for 30 years before establishing his consulting business.

Services include:

  • Effective facilitation – Mark has facilitated numerous focus groups, working groups, training sessions and Kiazen workshops. ​He is skilled at guiding groups to draw out and solve business issues, clearly articulate business needs, understand capability strengths and gaps, establish standards and inform training.
  • Specialist training – During his career, Mark has successfully developed, delivered and evaluated various training programs. This includes developing and managing recruit training, criminal investigation workshops, a comprehensive detective training program and a national management of serious crime course.
  • Capability development – From training programs and educational forums, to practice standards, doctrine, manuals, continuous improvement frameworks and technical solutions, Mark has been integral to the development of people, tools and instructions to build organisational capability. Most recently, as Senior User, Mark was the business representative for an investigation management solution project. In that role, he provided subject matter expertise and leadership, including through a business reference group, as well as the user perspective for the procurement, negotiations, and initial building stages of the project.

Contact [email protected] to talk about how he can help with your next project.

Mark facilitates problem solving working groups regardless of the type of problem presented. His ability to grasp the nuanced issues that might impede an initiative or future capability is exceptional. His ability to understand organisational requirements and translate these into workable solutions is excellent.

Former supervisor, AFP

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