Writing and editing

The right words to engage your audience

Do you need a good copywriter, business writer, web writer, annual report writer or government writer?

Are you looking for an editor who listens to you, understands your aims and helps you communicate in the most meaningful way for your audience and purpose?

With a career spanning journalism, public relations and marketing, and government communications, Cinden knows how to craft the right words for your next project.

Polished writing and considered editing services including:

  • engaging articles, case studies and fact sheets that inform
  • convincing reports that have logical flow and wide appeal
  • informative websites that work
  • interesting blogs, tweets and other online content that captures attention
  • articulate scripts that bring videos to life
  • eloquent speeches that hit just the right note
  • careful editing that produces clear, concise and meaningful work
  • sharp and accurate media releases that attract attention
  • effective brochures and flyers that are compelling
  • memorable advertising copy that motivates
  • meticulous proofreading that ensures a perfect finish.

See examples of:

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